An extra post today. I have discovered that I have inadvertently been involved in a heated discussion about cardmakers copying fellow card makers cards, then entering them in competions. From what I can gather someone did this with one of my designs, and won. I have never made any secret of the fact, that is what my blog is about.I feel if I didn’t want my cards copied I wouldn’t post them on here. This is my hobby and if my ideas inspire fellow cardmakers, all to the good.If I find a cheaper/easier /new way to do something, then yes I am going to share it!To those cardmakers who don’t want their ideas copied – don”t post them on the internet! having said all that ..if I do case a card and show it here I always tell you you here where I cased it from .. it’s only fair that the original artist get recognition. Enough from me for now, normal blogging will commence later today.IMG_3168 (Medium)