IMG_2870 (Medium)IMG_2872 (Medium)IMG_2873 (Medium)Kaisercraft silver Bells collection – 6″ pad and matching collectables. There were some bits and pieces in this collection which made lovely female birthday cards , made a change from christmas!!here are three of my non christmas cards .Lots of ribbon and lace and teamed with grey cardstock, because I do love pink and grey!   We are going to take a break from the silver bells collection, although I have so many more to show I think I will put them all up in one post later on down the track, because I have been busy with other collections  as well, and it will be Easter before we get through them all!! Today I have been busy making more christmas cards for an order I received last night for 50 xmas cards. it’s all done now, and honestly I feel like packing up the xmas bits and pieces and moving on, but Mum tells me it’s too early to do that.I think I have done 300 cards this year already. Tomorrow I will work on some mens cards I think just for something completely different and on Monday I am sitting in on a class to learn some new excited to be the student.. can’t wait! til tomorrow….